What is a Channel Manager?

Channel Manager is a service that enables the display of hotel rooms, holiday apartments on the most important online booking sites. Channel Manager keeps availability and prices always synchronized across all connected sales channels and through the website. It also processes new bookings, modifications and cancellations. Once a room is vacated on your system, it appears free directly on all other online booking sites. Everything is in one panel only and is very easy to manage.

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Sell ​​more rooms and increase revenue

Sell Rooms Easily
Sell rooms easily
Sell Rooms Easily
Increase bookings
Sell Rooms Easily
High visibility
Sell Rooms Easily
Detailed analysis
The simplest way to sell as many rooms.

Bookerspro is the only system to manage all OTAs from one log-in. Change rates and availability at any time. Make instant updates. Our System Management software gives you the opportunity to increase sales and value of your online business in no time.

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Endless opportunities to increase bookings.

Among the many features of our real-time channel management system are the simultaneous wholesale updates that put you in the driver's seat. You'll have the tools to boost your bookings and an intuitive dashboard to manage them all.

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Maximum visibility

Advertise your property to a wider local and international audience online through OTAs, Global Distribution System (GDS), payment gateways and other booking applications. The internet presents great opportunities to increase your bookings.

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Data driven decisions.

Let the data determine your online sales strategy. Powerful and thorough management system analytics will help set tariffs, break down sales boundaries and evaluate the success of your channels. Understanding complicated data couldn't be simpler.

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Management wherever you are.

You will not be limited to just one desktop to manage your property. The soon-to-be-ready Mobile Bookerspro app will enable you to manage your property instantly at any time and be on your toes 24/7.

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Stay ahead of your competition.

Stay ahead of your competition by tracking their rate changes. With Bookerspro you will always be ahead of your competition because you will change everything in real time and you can analyze all the details with the Management System.

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  • It synchronizes prices
  • Maxiumum Security
  • Save Time
  • Detailed analysis
  • Accessible anywhere anytime
  • No need for installation on your PC
  • Daily backups
  • Increase your revenue

Looking for a channel management system? Try our Management System.