You do not need installation

The system is web based, installed on our servers. You can access it anywhere with a simple login.

Daily backups

Bookerspro is connected to servers with unlimited space and we maintain continuous automatic backups. Your information is always safe!

Maximum Security

Bookerspro is SSL certified to provide all customer personal information.

Channel Manager + PMS

You will reach a captive global audience through our integration of channel manager + PMS room management system with 900+ hotels connected to OTA, GDS and other booking platforms. This virtual server-based, real-time application is ideal for properties of all sizes. BookersPro.Com, one of the largest platforms in Albania, as intelligent software that synchronizes all global OTAs, facilitates the management of hotel rooms without room collisions, plus you have updated reports on the accessibility of your business.

Management System Management System(Chain Hotels)
Booking Engine from website

The BookersPro.Com Booking Engine is compatible with all property types and integrates with reservation systems to keep all of your bookings in sync in real-time. When used with the BookersPro Hospitality Management Suite, the booking engine immediately updates the property management system and channel manager so all of your online travel agencies and distribution sites are updated at once. Increase your sales through real time link to your website. Every customer has the ability to book directly through your website through the booking engine..

Direct bookings without commissions. Maximum Promotion.
Website for Hotels

Website for the presentation of the hotel, resort or villa nowadays is necessary after presenting your business. The website is built at a low cost and the advertisement is great for the accommodation unit as you are contacted by customers directly and the online booking platform is connected to the channel manager where you get bookings with zero commission.

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Take the opportunity to advertise and manage your property to the next level and increase real-time channel manager bookings.

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